Goals of the Workshop

Clinical Goals

  • Uncover the origination of AFib
  • Characterize the substrate that leads to AFib
  • Find the drivers and promotors of AFib
  • Discover the most important depolarization patterns of AFib (rotors, ectopic foci, ...)
  • Discuss the best suited catheter concepts


Engineering goals

  • Exchange of most successful methods of biosignal analysis of atrial signals
  • Suggest well defined biomarkers extracted from intracardiac signals with high diagnostic value
  • Harmonization of definitions and wording (e.g. what do we precisely mean when we say „dominant frequency“)
  • Suggest promising biomarkers extracted from intracardiac atrial signals that help the physicians to improve outcome
  • Improve strategies: from intracardiac bioelectric measurement via ablation to success
  • How can computer models help to understand underlying causes of AFib?
  • Strategies to incorporate computer models into clinical practice