Poster Presentations

All participants are invited to show their latest results on a poster and discuss with the experts in dedicated poster sessions. An abstract has to be submitted beforehand. If the number of applications will exceed the maximum capacity for posters, a jury will have to select posters for display. Authors will be informed in advance. A jury will select 3 “winning” posters, who will be invited to present their results in a plenary session.

List of Accepted Abstracts

The Atrial Signals 2021 Proceedings compile all accepted abstracts and are publicly available here. Individual abstracts can be accessed by clicking the links in the following table:

Influence of wave-front and atrial tissue properties on eikonal model simulations
Cristian Barrios
Arrhythmogenicity of genetic mutations on a 3D human atrial model
Rebecca Belletti
Making more of electrogram morphology: direction and speed
D. Curtis Deno
Correlation between rotors and changes in atrial fibrillation cycle length in PersAF
Mahmoud Ehnesh
Cellular variability within the in-silico atria and its impacts on conduction velocity in healthy and AF remodeled tissue
Jordan Elliott
Left atrium hemodynamic in atrial fibrillation and normal subjects
Matteo Falanga
An evaluation on the clinical outcome prediction of rotor detection in non-invasive phase maps
Carlos Fambuena-Santos
Spatial distribution of repetitive electrograms identifies a spectrum of organization from atrial fibrillation to flutter
Prasanth Ganesan
Influence of the right atrium for arrhythmia vulnerability: geometry inference using a statistical shape model
Patricia Martínez Díaz
Analyzing the effect of catheter-sheath overlapping status in local impedance simulations
Carmen Martínez Antón
A numerical study of atrial fibrillation electrophysiological substrate based on high-density mapping
Stefano Pagani
Analysis of unipolar electrogram eigenvalue dispersion for the detection of atrial fibrosis
Jennifer Riccio
Effect of extra lesions on AF burden of continuously monitored patients undergoing single-procedure catheter ablation
Javier Saiz-Vivo
Source estimation in cardiac fibrotic substrate from intracardiac signals
Pascual Tejero Cervera
DGM is able to distinguish between dominant and bystander cycles in in-silico and clinical double loop atrial tachycardias
Enid Van Nieuwenhuyse
Directed network mapping hints the ablation strategy for atrial flutter: a proof of concept
Muhamed Vila
The extended ECG improves classification of atrial fibrillation type and prediction of recurrence after catheter ablation
Stef Zeemering

Poster Award Winners

Based on the submitted abstracts, a jury selected three poster award winners:

  • Jennifer Riccio
  • Cristian Barrios
  • Prasanth Ganesan


Abstract Preparation and Submission

Abstracts are required to encompass one page in predefined formatting. Each abstract may contain one figure. Compliance with either the provided Latex template or the provided MS Word template is mandatory.

Abstracts can be submitted via the abstract submission system. Please create an account and log in to submit your abstract. You will be asked to upload a PDF version of your abstract as well as a zipped MS Word document or a zipped Latex directory. Submissions can be updated anytime until the abstract submission deadline.

The deadline for abstract submission will be Friday, July 23rd 2021, 11:59pm CEST.

Please be aware that the deadline for abstract submission will not be extended.

Notifications of acceptance will be sent out no later thanFriday, July 30th 2021.

Accepted abstracts will be compiled in a proceedings document, which will be persistently published in an open access repository and assigned a DOI. Authors retain the copyright of their abstract.

Do not hesitate to contact if further questions regarding abstract preparation and submission arise.


Poster Preparation and Presentation

We kindly ask you to prepare a poster in portrait style (approximate dimensions 80cm x 120cm) of your accepted abstract. Poster presentations will take place in the Tulla foyer and the adjoining hallways. Poster displays are available from Thursday morning to Friday night. Posters should be on display during this time.