Substrate mapping and fractionation (CFAE)

It is widely accepted that atrial fibrillation can only be maintained by a suitable substrate. This might comprise electrical and structural remodelling, dissociation of myocardial layers and more. Potential impact and definition of this arrhythmogenic substrate is focus of this session, including mapping strategies using imaging and electrogram analysis. Also the topic of electrogram fractionation will be revisited considering both its clinical definition and algorithmic quantification.

Program topics include:

  • Analysis and impact of atrial fibrosis
  • Role of sympathetic innervation in atrial fibrillation
  • Back to the basics: What is a complex fractionated electrogram?
  • Quantitative analysis and characterization of CFAE
  • Are CFAEs more than reading tea leaves?

Panel discussion:

  • How can we define the atrial fibrillation substrate and CFAEs?
  • What is based on evidence?