Scientific Program

Program Download

The current verions of the program can be downloaded here.


Thursday and Friday: Interdisciplinary Discussion

The scientific program on Thursday and Friday consists of five sessions, each focusing on a certain topic from basic mechanisms to clinical treatment approaches. In each session, keynotes from experience physicians and engineers provide an update on the current state of research - followed by an intensive panel discussion.


Saturday: Focus Session Cardiology

A special focus session on Saturday tributes to the new pharmacological treatment options in atrial fibrillation. It will be held in the Gartensaal of Schloss Karlsruhe starting 8.30 am.


Saturday: Focus Session Atrial Signal Analysis

Computational modeling of cardiac excitation and advances in signal processing are the center of discussion in a second session on Saturday. It will be held in parallel in the Hector Auditory located next to the Schloss Karlsruhe.